Welcome to Sweetly Made (Just for you)! The three of us are here to share business reviews, giveaways, DIY craft ideas, free printables and more. The shop features unique PDF knitting patterns and personalized Christmas stockings.

The founder of Sweetly Made (Just for you) is Emilee, nicknamed by her sisters as “Emils.” Emilee has been knitting since 2005, thanks to her sweet and patient Grandma. Her love for knitting grew and her desire to share her creations prompted the founding of SweetlyMadeJustForU! She loves designing new stocking patterns and looks forward to sweetly knitting “just for you.” She has three beautiful children, Elijah, Elizabeth and Olivia.

The oldest of the two sisters, Cassie, has a passion for photography, while being married to her best friend and raising four children. She doesn’t buy anything without finding a deal first and likes to teach others about home decorations she has created. Be sure to check out Cassie Lytle Photography.

As a Magna Cum-Laude graduate from BYU, Tiffany loves to write and is an avid reader. She is enthusiastic about creating fun activities for her kids and likes to travel with her family of six. Her favorite vacation so far was the Disney Cruise.