The Peter Potential by David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman {Written by Emilee}

The Peter Potential is the next book I wanted to share with all of you. It was written by David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman and I had the opportunity of reading it.
Discover the life you were meant to live.


Page Count: 120
* Inspirational * Hardcover 6 1/2 X 6 ½
RELEASE DATE: July 8, 2014


About the Authors: 
Emily Belle Freeman
is a coach’s wife, a mother of four, an author of the bestselling
A Christ-Centered Christmas,
and a sought after inspirational speaker. She finds great joy in
studying both the life
and teachings of Jesus Christ. She coauthors a blog that is a stopping
place for hearts seeking all that is good:
David Butler
a high school religious educator, sharing his love for the scriptures
and his belief that there is an innate power for good in every human
soul. He is also a motivational speaker and
writer. He and his wife, Jenny, live with their five children amid the
snowcapped peaks of the Mountain West



you ever wondered if God has greater things in store for you? The Bible
is clear that though Peter saw himself as only a fisherman, the Lord
saw him as a fisher
of men, a leader among men, the rock upon which His Church would be
built. Divinity gave Him the insight to extend the invitations that
would help Peter discover the life he was meant to live. This full-color
gift book is profound in its simplicity as the
authors take the reader through the invitations the Lord extended to
Peter. Journey with Peter and the Savior as you begin to understand the
potential the Lord sees in you.


In my opinion:


The Peter Potential is a quick read which is perfect if you are having a bad day. Has anyone ever told you that you are extraordinary? I hope the answer for everyone is, “YES.” The first person that came to mind was my first mission president’s wife, Sister Robison. She gave me a laminated paper that said, “Sister Roberts, Be Extraordinary. I love you, Sister Robison.” We can all be extraordinary and reach our full potential. Simon Peter learned all about it when he received many invitations from the Lord including, Launch out into the deep, leave behind your nets, step into the water, give him all that you have, come running and entertain thoughts of greatness.

The questions that really caught my attention was, “what if Peter believed that being the most successful fisherman on the Sea of Galilee was his greatest potential? What if Peter had not straightway left his nets that day? Imagine the life he would have missed out on. He would never have discovered what the Lord saw in him. Will you?” Wow! We all have remarkable potential and the Lord will help us along the way.We may experience intense storms and struggle and doubt but the Lord will be by our side. The Lord knows us. “He knows what keeps you up at night, he knows what weighs on your heart, he knows your longing to become something more.” Although this book was small, it had a great message. What life are you going to live? How can you reach your full potential? 

I don’t know much about David Butler but I’ve heard Emily Freeman speak. She was an amazing speaker and author. I definitely recommend buying this book. There was also a challenge at the end of the book. The book was meant to be shared and they want us to give it away to someone that came to mind. Pass it along and multiply goodness. What if we all did that? So, my challenge to all of you is to do the same. I already have my person in mind and I’m sure she will enjoy it too.


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