Tissue paper outline


3 pages included for the Tissue Paper outline craft:




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Product Description

Design a scarf or tie during general conference with simple outlines and crumpled pieces of tissue paper.

Scarf/Tie Materials:

Tie/scarf outline

Tissue paper

Glue stick



  1. Print the tie and scarf outlines.
  2. Cut tissue paper into squares.
  3. Show children how to scrunch up a tissue paper square and attach with glue to tie or scarf.
  4. Optional: Make one for each speaker and match his or her tie/scarf color.

Puppet Materials:


Black sharpie or fabric markers


Glue gun

Puppet template printable



  1. Print the puppet template.


  1. Trace basic body template on two skin colored felt pieces.


  1. Trace left and right side of suit coat on black felt.


  1. Trace shirt box onto white felt.


  1. Trace tie on any color felt.


  1. Draw two dots for eyes with a black sharpie or fabric marker.


  1. Cut out basic hair or cut out hair shape from brown, gray, blonde, black, or white felt.


  1. Hot glue together including the sides on the puppet. Be sure not to glue the bottom. Leave room for a finger.


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