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Use with the FHE lesson: The 5 W’s of Adversity

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Life is like a wheel; it can be circular at times. Sometimes we are up. Other times we are down. And sometimes it feels like we are just merely going in circles. But it is forever revolving. The wheel goes around and around, slow or fast depending on what we are going through in our life. Often we are on the downside, the bottom- we feel like we are stuck in the mud for longer than we want to be. The wheel is continuous-we need to accept where we are and know that we won’t always be at the bottom. Even when we are on the downside of the wheel, there are blessings and tender mercies available. If we are at the bottom because of our own poor choices or poor choices of others, forgiveness/Atonement is available. When we are at the top of the wheel-this is a good time to help others who are at the bottom. We all take turns!! – Tiffany


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