Photography photos by Cassie Lytle

My sister, Cassie has some amazing photography skills. Recently, she took some photos of her daughter, Claire. If you didn’t know this already, Cassie has joined Sweetly Made (Just for you) as a reviewer. She also posts a few DIY projects here and there. She has her own blog found {HERE} and has a small studio in her basement. Her prices are reasonable and she is quick and precise. I think she is remarkable so if you live in the Utah county area or SLC area, check her out.


I love her use of props. Here, Claire is wearing a hat and sitting in a small blue chair. The colors go so well together. Cassie has a great eye for color matching.
Don’t you just want to die over this adorable picture? I love that Claire put on a jacket and is wearing lipstick. Her hair was probably done by her sister, Emma. Perfection!

Love the umbrella! Cassie has many props to choose from.

I love that she used a real flower to add detail to the photo.




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