NCircle Entertainment Holiday Review & Giveaway {Written by Emilee}

NCircle Entertainment is excited to announce their Holiday review and giveaway opportunity, featuring two holiday –themed DVDs:  the brand new DVD, “Naya’s Arctic Adventures: Meet Naya” and a holiday favorite double feature, “The Snowman” and “The Snowman and The Snowdog.” 

NCircle Entertainment always has wonderful DVD’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy. 
Naya’s Arctic Adventrues: Meet Naya
Naya’s Arctic Adventures Meet Naya!  Join Naya and her friends as they embrace numerous quests in the Arctic.  One might think that a young girl would get bored living in the Arctic but not Naya!  Every day is an adventure with her and her friends.  Each story starts with the sea washing ashore an item and then throughout the story, Naya and friends learn the purpose of the item.  Your little one is sure to enjoy these heart-warming adventures that teach children fundamental human values all while enjoying a good laugh!
In my opinion:
Honestly, it was a little harder for me to get into Naya’s Arctic Adventures. There were 18 episodes. They were short episodes with no real words or dialogue but a few grunts. I didn’t know who the characters were. I wanted to learn more about each one and actually know their names. I guess it is left to your imagination. Also, in each episode, the group learn about a new object which was foreign to them but not to us. They end up using the way that we use them so that was interesting. It was fun to see what new object they find. 
Here are a few of Eli’s (my five year old) comments:
“Mommy, that polar bear threw a snowball at my face.” It is true. A polar bear does throw a snowball at the screen before each episode starts so be aware.
“This is kinda really funny.”
“Where is the daddy?”
“Is this a Christmas movie cause there is a reindeer dog in it.”
Overall, it is a film for children to enjoy as long as they don’t care that it is silent. I guess, there is more communication between parents and kids as they enjoy watching together.
The Snowman and The Snowman and the Snowdog

Snowman Double Feature:  Enjoy twice the magical enchantment in this double feature of The Snowman and The Snowman & the Snowdog!  
Relive Raymond Brigg’s holiday classic, The Snowman!  One crisp, winter morning, a young boy wakes up to find a thick blanket of snow has covered the ground as far as the eye can see.  Filled with excitement, the boy decides to build a snowman using a tangerine for his nose, coal for his buttons and eyes, and tops him off with a hat and scarf.  Later that night, at the stroke of midnight, the snowman comes to life!  The young boy and the snowman embark on a magical adventure of discovery where the snowman explores the young boy’s world and in return he takes him flying to his home in the North Pole.  Upon arriving at the North Pole, the two join a party as the guests of honor to a very special person.  

Then, embark on a new adventure in the charming sequel, The Snowman and the Snowdog!  When a young boy and his mother move to a new house, the boy discovers a secret box hidden under the floorboards of his bedroom. In the box, he finds a hat, scarf, some lumps of coal and a shriveled tangerine – it’s a snowman-making kit! Later that day it starts to snow and the boy builds a Snowman and with the little spare snow leftover, a Snowdog. That night they come to life and take him on a wonderful adventure. As dawn breaks they fly home, but before the boy returns to bed a magical surprise awaits him…

In my opinion:

The Snowman was a wordless story about a boy who builds a snowman which comes alive in his dreams. They went on adventures in the boy’s home as well as to the snowman’s home in the North Pole. My son, Eli had seen it before so he knew the ending. He watched till the end which made him sad to see the snowman melt. Yes, it was quite sad when the boy had to say goodbye to his friend. However, I reassured Eli that the boy could build another snowman and have more adventures together. Again, this DVD was silent with a few beautiful songs. I enjoyed watching it and will add it to our Christmas movie list.

Then we watched The Snowman and the snowdog which was about a different boy than The Snowman who moves to a new neighborhood. He discovers a box filled with a snowman making kit. He ends up using all of the snow in his backyard to build the snowman and a snowdog. It was hilarious to see the adventures snowmen could do like fly in an airplane or have a party. I don’t know why I’ve never heard of The Snowman but I’m glad I had the opportunity of reviewing both tales. I definitely recommend these DVDs.


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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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