Live Positive App from {Written by Emilee & Hilary Weeks}

I always get excited when celebrities like Hilary Weeks email me. She asked for MY help. Of course I couldn’t let her down especially when it will have a positive influence on others.
So, here I am helping her to spread the word and I need YOUR help. She created a new app for positive thinking.

The app
builds on the concept of clicking and focusing on positive thinking and
has many other great features that will help people invite happiness,
creativity, success, etc. in their lives! Hilary is raising money to develop
the app on a crowd-funding website called Kickstarter.  The campaign will last two weeks and Hilary needs YOUR help to spread the word! 

are probably familiar with Kickstarter and how people receive rewards
for donations towards a project.  One of the rewards that Hilary is so
excited about is a brand new song only available through this
fundraiser.  The song is called “June in December” and it is a reminder
that even in our most difficult moments, the Lord sends tender mercies,
miracles, love, answers, etc.  For a $3 donation – ONLY $3! – YOU can
download the song as soon as the campaign is over and fully funded!  It
is an awesome song! Hilary really thinks it will be a blessing to people who
are experiencing  their own “Decembers” or who are supporting someone
who is.


Here is the link to the Kickstarter page that will allow people to learn all about the app,
the fundraiser and the rewards. 
Disclaimer: I only
recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my



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