It has been a challenge but it has been rewarding to encourage my son to keep going with the baptism preparation treasure hunt. We are a little behind still but we are trying to catch up. We are actually on month six but are supposed to be on month eight because he will be baptized in July. It was so fun to create and I’m motivated for Eli to finish and earn the treasures I purchased. It has also been fun to re-memorize the Articles of Faith with him. Some are easier than others but I’ve re-memorized the first nine so I’m feeling pretty good.

So without further ado….here is Article of Faith #5: How are we called of God?

I know it says there are five pages but there is a bonus page so you can hang it on your fridge to remind you of the Article of Faith. I love seeing the Article of Faith every time I go into my kitchen. It is a great reminder of what we know to be true. Have fun!

Click on the following, download and print…

Fifth Article of Faith Packet (PDF)

Month 5- Fifth Article of Faith- How are we called of God- (PDF)

Treasure Hunt Race_ Fifth (PDF)

Write your words (PDF)

Write the AOF (PDF)

 Please let me know what you think about clicking and downloading the pdf files. Is it easy or hard? Should I put the files in the “FREE PRINTABLES” section? Please let me know your thoughts. I’m always trying to improve.

{I will post one month at a time so the next one will be Article of Faith #6}

There are thirteen Articles of Faith packets. Each packet should be completed on the first week of each month. Each Article of Faith includes the following:

  • Words
  • Write your words page
  • Treasure Hunt Race
  • The Article of Faith (Read three times)
  • Write out the Article of Faith page
  • The Article of Faith 8×11 page

Repeat the Article of Faith out loud (without looking) and return completed packet to parents on Friday for a prize (candy jar or small dollar store prize).

I hope that you enjoy doing this Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt with your child to prepare him/her for baptism. I know this was inspired to help my family and hope it will inspire your family as well.

Next: Sixth Article of Faith: The organization of the true church

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