Every month I get so excited to share more of my Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt. It is Month 3: The Atonement of Jesus Christ. If you are new to my blog or have no idea what I’m talking about be sure to click on the following…

Month 1: First Article of Faith (HERE)

Month 2: Second Article of Faith (HERE)

Of course, I’m giving away FREE Printables each month so be sure to follow along. I created a treasure map and instructions so click on Month 1 to start the Baptism Prep course I created.

I created Month 3: The Atonement of Jesus Christ and there are a total of six pages.

We do the Articles of Faith packet on the first Sunday of each month. Check out the instructions for the other details of each week.

Click on the following, download and print…

Third Article of Faith Packet (pdf)

Treasure Hunt Race- Third(pdf)

Write your words (pdf)

Write the AOF (pdf)

Month 3- Third Article of Faith- The Atonement of Jesus Christ (pdf)

{I will post one month at a time and August is Month 3: Third Article of Faith: The Atonement of Jesus Christ}

There are thirteen Articles of Faith packets. Each packet should be completed on the first week of each month. Each Article of Faith includes the following:

  • Words
  • Write your words page
  • Treasure Hunt Race
  • The Article of Faith (Read three times)
  • Write out the Article of Faith page
  • The Article of Faith 8×11 page

Repeat the Article of Faith out loud (without looking) and return completed packet to parents on Friday for a prize (candy jar or small dollar store prize).

I hope that you enjoy doing this Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt with your child to prepare him/her for baptism. I know this was inspired to help my family and hope it will inspire your family as well.

Next month: Fourth Article of Faith: First Principles & Ordinances 

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