“A Christmas Vacation” Stocking {Written by Emilee}

Recently, I had a client that requested “A Christmas Vacation” type stocking. Her husband is really into the Chevy Chase movie and loves to decorate.
So, after I received a sketch, I got to work. My husband helped calculate how many stitches for each brick and it turned out better than I anticipated. 
This has to be one of my favorite stockings I’ve done. After I knitted the stocking, I created a string of lights which actually looked amazing. My husband thought I should have added another color but I thought light green, dark green and blue fit perfectly with the colors. My client also requested a battery pack so I created a little bag with a button at the top. Now, they can string real lights as well to make this stocking the best one yet.
If you would like to order Christmas stockings for 2015, I’m accepting orders right now. Plan early because I’m not sure how many I can fit in next year.




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