9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown Week 9: Live it Challenge

This is the last week of our “9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown.” Today, I’m going to share a FREE Printable called, Live it Challenge.

This is a fun challenge that we came up with for anyone who wants use what they learned from the speaker and apply it to their life. I love this challenge.


Take the “Live it” challenge and do what our prophet and apostles have encouraged us to do. As you listen to or read a general conference talk, write down the topic, challenge and specific things you will do to live it.

Find our FREE printable at http://www.sweetlymadejustforyou.com/p/free-printables.html.

Below are examples of taking the “Live it” challenge from the most recent 2014 General Conference:

Example 1:

Talk: Elder Holland

Topic: Service

Challenge: Help the poor and needy

What I will do to Live It: Double our fast offerings each month; pray daily with our family for opportunities to help someone in need.

Example 2:

Talk: President Monson

Topic: Missionary work

Challenge: Missionary work is a Priesthood duty

What I will do to live it: Teach my teenage son to prepare for his missionary duty by studying “Preach my Gospel” as a family.

Example 3:

Talk by: Cheryl Esplin

Topic: Sacrament

Challenge: Understand the significance of the Sacrament

What I will do to live it: Teach my kids of the significance through FHE.  Work on reverence during Sacrament with youngest kids.

Example 4:

Talk: Elder McCallister

Topic: Teaching children the gospel in home

Challenge: Teach your kids the power of prayer morning and night, teach them to use time wisely.

What I will do to live it:  Provide activities in home so kids don’t depend on technology for entertainment, teach FHE about prayer and follow up with kids morning and night.

Example 5:

Talk: Elder Anderson

Topic: Joseph Smith


1)      Find a scripture you know to be true

2)      Read the testimony of Joseph Smith and record in your own voice

3)      Share with others in family, Seminary, friends


What I will do to live it: Take this challenge myself and encourage teenagers in home to take challenge.

Thank you for checking out our 9 Weeks of General Conference Countdown ideas. This has been fun to expose a few ideas that are found in our new ebook, Growing up with Conference. If you like what you’ve seen, then be sure to order yours TODAY at AMAZON or Books & Things for only $3.99. Thank you in advance. Enjoy every minute of General Conference on September 30th through October 1st

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