25 Week Study Schedule for General Conference

Although I watched this past April General Conference I wasn’t able to get as much as I wanted out of it due to my wonderful children being in the same room. I was grateful to have my family there obviously but I thought that I needed to study the words of our apostles and prophets. So, I decided to create a 25 week study schedule for anyone who also suffers from being distracted during conference. Yep, that should be most of us since families are an important part of the plan of our Heavenly Father. And if you haven’t started a family or are struggling with that part, it is okay. I’ve been there. I wanted a family. I desired a family and believe me it took some patience on my part so I hope to not offend anyone out there who has a tough time being single. We are all surrounded by people who love us so family can be friends or even our community.

If you aren’t aware already, my sisters and I published an ebook called, Growing up with Conference. You can purchase it on Amazon or Books & Things. It has General Conference ideas to help us Prepare, Listen and Live it. Today, I’m focusing on the Live it section. There is plenty to do as we wait till the next General Conference. That was why it was so important for us as sisters to develop a book to help families before, during and after conference.

There are a total of 36 talks (Priesthood and Women included), however, I’m going to focus on 27 which included talks from Saturday Morning/Afternoon and Sunday Morning/Afternoon. And since I’m an organized person and don’t like to go out of order, the schedule goes in order from Saturday to Sunday. The countdown starts on April 9th (this Sunday). The last two weeks you will need to read two additional talks but you could switch it up if you’d like.

I’ll post my thoughts and any teaching helps I can come up with for each week. Week 1: Gathering the Family of God by President Henry B. Eyring. And of course there will be FREE PRINTABLES you can download. I hope that you will Live it with me by counting down till the next General Conference (September 30-October 1).

You can download the 25 Week Study Schedule Here.

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